Cell phone usage while driving essay

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Argument Essay on the Use of Cell Phones while Driving

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec Today people of the world have a new addiction. This new addiction is known as the smartphone. The smartphones of today have so many features that the owners of them can hardly seem to put them down just for a second.

An outline for my essay Paragraph 1: I. Thesis: Cell phones should be banned while driving Paragraph 2: Using cell phone would make drivers have less control of the vehicles, however some people are able to multitask without causing any danger%(2).

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Beginning of Persuasive Speech Sample. Cell Phone Use While Driving. Why should the use of cellphones while driving be banned? The reason why cell phones should be banned while driving is that the majority of our drivers today are young teens and adults who are still learning the rules of the road.

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Cell phone usage while driving essay
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